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The wind power industry is involved with the design, manufacture, construction, and maintenance of wind turbines. Important choices facing them include turbine design (generator type, gearbox vs. gear-less, materials) and how much control to maintain over component supplies (internal vs. external). They are maintaining their extensive fleets of operating turbines while at the same time developing newer and ever-larger models. The largest wind turbine manufacturers are based in Denmark, Germany, Spain, India, and USA.

Protecting Wind Turbine Gear Boxes

Filters for:

Gearbox lubrication

Yaw, pitch and braking control systems

Main bearing lubrication

High-performance  options

Hydraulic assemblies

Reservoir breathers

Fluid analysis and diagnostic tools

Offline filtration systems

Keep Your Turbines In-Service

Ayater products delivers top quality filtration that protects wind turbine gear boxes. Ayater  filters manufactures replacement filter elements for all major wind turbines. These are generally used on gearbox lubrication return lines but we also have designs for wind turbine brake filter elements. In addition to replacement filters.Many wind turbine operators that are out of their OEM's warranty or nearing their End of Warranty (EOW) have selected Swift Filter elements as replacements.Our filter elements are ideal replacements for many OEM elements and are designed to be functionally and dimensionally interchangeable.

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