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AWU Suction filter series



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United States imported materials processing technology in Germany

Precision filtration, pressure filtration area have improved significantly

Set design sales installation and service in one of the manufacturers

In 2012, obtained ISO9001 certification

In 2012, the United States UL authentication fire




This awu suction filter can be installed at the inlet of the pump suction filtration and can protect not to in breathe the gigger inpurity. The Suction filter element is simple designed. It is easy to let oil go through and it has small resistance. It also has threaded connection and flanged connection. This kind of suction filter units can be divided into wire mesh filter and notched wire filter.

Model Code

No.1 AWU: wire mesh filter ; AXU:Notched wire filter

2 I: with by-pass valve; omit if without by-pass valve

3 BH: medium is water-glycol; omit if use hydraulic oil

4 Flow rate(L/min)

5 Filtration accuracy(μm)

6 None:threaded connection ;F: Flange connection

7 Suction code.

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