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AWF Suction filter series



Power Station


Plastic Injection

Foreign R & D focus on alternative production for 15 years, China's only overseas

Working life is close to 90% of imported brands

Excellent in quality and reasonable in price

Process inspection / filter Optional / accuracy of measurement / Visual inspection 100% inspection

Enhance the filter life 70% -80%



AWF Suction Filter Series

This kinds filter also can replce re mp-filtri suction filter,re eaton suction filter,re parker suction filter, re mahle suction filter ,bosch rexroth suction filter ,re taiser kogyo suction filter.

No.1: wire mesh filter

2: omit if without magent; C:with magent

3:omit if use hydraulic oil; BH:the medium is water-glycol.

4:Tread series

5:O.D series

6:Filtration accuracy(μm)80 100 180

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