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ASU Suction filter series



Power Station


Plastic Injection

High-quality oil filter accessories

Provide professional ancillary oil filter cartridge

All medias test are in compliance with SGS standards

The zero error of process quality control

Each product at least 28 working procedure Ensure that the product consistency



The ASU series line sution filter is composed of aluminium alloy bowl, element, by-pass vavle and visual indictrical. It is light in weight and strong. This series filter has festure as follows:

a) Visual indicator: when filter element is clogged by contaminants, the red sigal of visual indicator will be risen showly, the element should be changed or cleaned when the red signal rises to the top-position. Push the restores to allow the red sigal ring downfall after changing or cleaning element.

b) Electrical indicator: when filter element is clogged by contaminants,and the vacuum pressure reaches -0.018Mpa in filter outlet, the electrical indicator will act anf indicate that the element shoule be changed or cleaned in that time.

c) By-pass valve: when the vacuum pressure reaches -0.02Mpa, the by-pass valve will automatically open to protect the pump safty.

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