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Stainless Steel Cartridges



Pulp & Paper

After every product is at least 28 steps to ensure product consistency

United States imported materials processing technology in Germany

Enhance the filter life 70% -80%

Precision filtration, pressure filtration area have improved significantly

Focus on air purification 10 years the world's top 500 enterprises and services



stainless steel cartridge filters are produced with the highest quality materials in the USA, offering you the best filters for high temperature applications — up to 525°F

· Cartridges are produced in 304 and 316 stainless steel with welded and crimped construction

· Retention ratings range from 5 to 840 micron

· With 8 different lengths and 6 different end cap configurations, we are sure to produce the element you require

· Very high flow rates in both cylindrical and pleated designs

· Heavy duty construction allows for very high differential pressures; up to 60 PSID

· Low differential pressure allows filtration of very viscous solutions

· Cartridges may be cleaned for extended life

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