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sintered wire mesh filters



Pulp & Paper

Process inspection / filter Optional / accuracy of measurement / Visual inspection 100% inspection

Enhance the filter life 70% -80%

Focus on air purification 10 years the world's top 500 enterprises and services providers

Multiple authentication ensure product quality & Patent



Sintered wire mesh filter integrates the pros of woven wire mesh which enjoys micron-rated aperture for fine filtration and diffusion-bonded mesh laminates which provides mechanical strength and stability. Generally speaking, fine woven wire mesh filter is placed in multilayer sintered laminates. The laminates protect the fine mesh from mechanical damage from the environment pressure. 5-layer sintered laminates is popular for it's much stronger than 3-layer. See the features of different layer below.

Owing to its stability, mechanical strength and durability, sintered wire mesh can be manufactured into various sintered filter elements like cylinder, cartridge, candles and discs. We still supply bespoke sintered mesh filter for your special requirements.

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