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Sintered Wire Mesh with Perforated Metal




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This sintered wire mesh with perforated metal is made by sintering the perforated metal with multiple layers of stainless steel wire mesh. Owing to the support of perforated plate, our product shows higher compressive and mechanical strength when compared with similar products, and it is used to make filters with different shapes including tube, disc and sheet. Based on these, it is applicable in many fields, such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, water treatment, thin film, power station, etc. Furthermore, the thickness of perforated plate and the structure of wire mesh can be custom made.

Note 1. The filter layer is adjustable as long as the filtration rating is within the specified range. 2. Other special structures are available on customer's request. 3. The porosity is calculated when the filtration rating is 20 microns.

Materials The standard materials for this sintered wire mesh with perforated metal are SUS304 (AISI304), SUS316 (AISI316), and SUS316L (AISI316L). Also, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel and other special alloys are available.

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