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Sintered Metal Fiber Felt




Pulp & Paper


Professional paint technology, durable not easy to rust

Best micron rating at high Δp

Incoming inspection in-process inspection finished goods inspection delivery inspection

Improve the service life of the filter by 70% to 80%

Direct replacement Foreign brands domestic brands



sintered metal fiber felt is composed of steel fiber mesh sintering together. Then it still have feature of web and porous construction, high strength, high stable construction in high temperature vacuum oven, it also has higher porosity, large specific area, and uniform distribution. These advantages made it have an ideal material of heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high precision. These reusable, high quality filters are ideal for liquid filtration and gas filter application.

Main Application: 1. Polyester melt purification in chemical fiber and membrane industries. 2. High temperature filtration and corrosion liquid filtration in petroleum industry. 3. Hydraulic fuel and lubrication oil filtration in mechanical equipment. 4. Liquid purification in pharmaceutical , biological and beverage industries.
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