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Multi Layered Sintered




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Multi-Layered Sintered (MLS) media constructed of multiple layers of wire mesh are designed for precise controlled porosity, uniform pore sizes and distributions. MLS laminates are permanently bonded under precise diffusion bonding (sintering) conditions yielding robust monolithic materials used in a wide variety of engineering applications ranging from industrial filtration to aerospace transpiration cooling.

Standard products and most common uses:

· Standard 2 and 3 layer Fluidizing laminates, with customer specific permeability flow rates, often used in bulk powder handling.

· Standard 5 layer Filter Plate used in Pharmaceutical, Polymer, Liquid and Gas Filtration.


· Oil and Gas

· Pharmaceutical

· Aerospace

· Polymer

· Chemical Process

· Bulk Powder Handling (fluidization)

· Industrial Filtration

Features and Benefits:

· Heat and wear resistance

· Cleanablity and reusability

· Fixed Pore Geometry

· Robust Non-Compressible Media


· Standard Sheet Sizes: 18”x48”, 24”x48”. Custom sizes available upon request. Maximum laminate size without welding is 24”x60” (larger sheets available with welds, maximum panel width with welds 120”).

· Standard Alloys: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, Alloy20 (also available in Inconel 600 and 625, Monel, and Hastalloy upon request).

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