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Metal Fiber Sintered Mesh




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METAL FIBER is a non-woven filter made of laminated, sintered layers of metal fiber felt (stainless steel is standard). This medium has excellent heat, pressure and corrosion resistance, and it is used for high temperature, high viscosity fluid filtration. METAL FIBER has a typical deep filtration structure giving high filtration efficiency, low filtration resistance, and a large contaminant retention capability. It gives outstanding performance, especially in the removal of gel contaminants in high molecular polymer. These filtration properties ensure increased product quality during manufacturing processes and extended filter life. All this adds up to higher productivity and lower costs.

Applications High Polymer Industrial High viscosity polymer filter for fiber, film, plastics / Raw materials production filters / Monomer/oligomer filters Chemical Industry Process filters for chemical plants / Filters for petrochemical refineries Pharmaceuticals/Food Industry Synthesis and production, crystallization, recovery filters for all types of pharmaceutical products, food, etc. Aviation/Marine/Machinery Filters for fuel oil, lube oil, hydraulic power line oil, cutting oil Measurement and Instruments Sampling filters for analysis, air filters for instrumentation Others High temperature exhaust gas processing filters

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