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2017.3.18 is the day when the ayater filter moves to the new plant and shoots the video again. The company decides every Saturday 

to arrange for the crew to shoot the video, about the brand, about the product, about the team and upload To the site, in order to 

make our customers more real and more comprehensive understanding of us, not just the Internet to see ayater filter.

After many years of experience in the hydraulic filter industry, adhering to the modern scientific management model, manager set up 

high-quality, high-level team, the first to produce an alternative replacement filter, hydraulic filtration industry in a step by step.

In March 2016, AYATER filtered to expand production scale and expand the foreign trade market, set up in ayater, Ningbo branch, 

AYATER company website officially launched.

We start from the beginning of 2007 to the development of today, inseparable from the customer's support and trust, so we want to 

allow customers through the video more intuitive, really understand ayater filter.

We shoot the video will be uploaded to the major video sites.

The picture below shows the Ministry of Foreign Trade Department of ayater to explain the past years to visit customers.

Eliminate customer concerns, provide quality products and services. Let the customer believe that ayater filters.

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Fax : +86-373-5461886

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