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The care of AYATER filter
2017-01-12 by ayater

Since the beginning of winter, the country has gradually appeared in a wide range of fog and haze, Xinxiang is haze serious, vehicle limit, primary and secondary students closed! Atmospheric pollution index has reached serious pollution levels! Fog and haze weather is the body's breath system will cause great harm, even in such a serious haze weather, the staff still stick to their jobs, did not relax.

To ensure that the majority of employees travel health, safe to work, the company emergency for all employees to buy a professional anti-fog haze masks, and the first time to the hands of employees. Although only a small mask, allows employees to feel very intimate, they have expressed appreciation for the company's love and support, will be their own practical actions, the company's love and affection.
The distribution of the anti-fog haze mask, with professional protection, can be super-fine PM2.5 fine particles of the invasion, minimize haze to the staff of the body to bring harm. In this case.
The company also actively promote "to prevent haze, everyone is responsible," propaganda fog haze protection related knowledge, and promote the health of employees and their families green travel, protect the environment, and continuously enhance social responsibility.
AYATER supply remind you of haze weather precautions
In the event of fog and haze, try to reduce the number of activities, and the number of morning exercises, as far as possible in the indoor activities, so as to avoid the process of going out inhaled a large number of harmful gases, thus affecting people's health, especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular friends, to pay more attention to the. In this case.
If you must go out activities, should wear masks, the quality of the mask is also required, generally the best cotton, anti-fog haze masks, so you can better resist the intrusion of dust.
To avoid open the window ventilation, because the windows open to the outside air pollution into the room, it is best to close the windows, so to avoid the invasion of some harmful gases.
Fog and haze weather, we should eat more vegetables, such as kelp, fungus and the like, so that the efficacy of clearing the lungs of vegetables, in addition to eat some fruit, which can add vitamins, the human body is very good. In this case.
Can be properly placed in the house a number of green plants, such as green dill, Chlorophytum, these green plants can absorb harmful gases in the air, the release of oxygen, to keep the air fresh.

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