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Air compressor accessories air oil separator replacement standards:
2017-01-10 by ayater

1.The actual use of time to reach the design life, need to be replaced, air oil separator design life is usually 2000 hours. Must be replaced after expiration. Air compressor environmental conditions should be shortened the use of time.
2.Replace the plugged alarm immediately after the design lifetime.
3.In this case,serious blockage, air oil separator plug back to the oil after the lack of lead to exhaust temperature is too high, shortening the life of air oil separator. Another blockage after the increase in pressure, resulting in the actual unit discharge pressure increases, unit energy consumption increased production costs.
4.Back to the amount of oil after plugging the lack of host lubrication is insufficient, resulting in a serious shortened life of the host, the filter is not filtered after the filter contains a large number of metal particles of impurities into the host oil, resulting in host damage and need to be replaced immediately.
5.Filtration efficiency is significantly reduced, the compressor air quality can not meet the normal use of air compressor requirements, leading to gas equipment can not work properly or significantly lower product yield.
6.In this case,
7.These indications have clearly demonstrated the need for timely replacement of air oil separator, in order to host a better operation, in order to better filtration efficiency, timely replacement of air oil separator for the normal operation of air compressors play a key role.

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