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2016-10-26 by ayater
1. Raw Material Guide
Filter material to the strict requirements of the glass fiber filter to the United States (HV), LYDALL (RAND), Germany BINZER (Binz) mainly filter paper to South Korea AHLSTROM company, stainless steel metal mesh Zeyi military enterprises 540 Plant-based. From the raw materials to ensure the accuracy of the filter.
2. Process
Excellent choice of domestic brands, pump, Teflon paint technology, durable, no rust, bright color, good surface finish; excellent water resistance, strong anti-dirt, easy to clean; , In the testing and modification has made continuous progress, to ensure product quality and safety has played an important role
3. Detection
Strict quality control
Program custom / incoming inspection / process inspection / finished product inspection / factory sampling
100% full inspection, each product at least through the 58 processes to ensure product consistency

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