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AYATER air oil separators
2016-10-15 by ayater
air oil separators using anti-corrosion materials, fine welding process and the latest double-sided adhesive to ensure that the use of the separator with high mechanical strength, and can work at 120 degrees Celsius temperature.
Under normal circumstances, when the fuel-air mixture from the outside into the interior of the separator, the occurrence of condensation effect, so the oil can be recovered while producing clean air.
Under normal operating pressure of 7 kg, the new oil drop is between about 0.15 kg to 0.25 kg. In other work pressure, pressure drop through the oil at a speed proportional. Our residual oil rate can be controlled in 1-3ppm. Oil life depends on many factors: design, for regular maintenance and environmental cleanliness. Temperature and quality of air and oil filter into account the work.

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