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Energy savings
2016-10-10 by ayater
Choose the right air filter to maximize your company's energy-saving emission reduction plan. In particular, the rise in electricity prices and the promotion of new energy, making it a veritable energy-saving air filtration system.
AYATER 5-star air filter can save your company money by twice as much as a conventional air filter. In addition, your company's labor costs and waste disposal costs will be significantly reduced.
AYATER can prove that high-quality air filter can effectively reduce costs. Low-quality air filters clog up quickly, which results in more frequent filter changes in order to achieve the desired filtration. The AYATER air filter maintains a suitable airflow ratio so as to extend the working time by at least two to three times and does not require frequent replacement of the filter. Less waste, less waste and so on; in the greatest savings is the cost of energy for the purpose, AYATER is constantly developing and innovating.
For a typical commercial building, 50% of the energy bill is used for HVAC, and 30% of it is directly related to air filtration, so it can choose the right filter for the best air filter combination.

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