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How to judge the quality of high efficiency air filter
2016-09-30 by ayater
High efficiency air filter is an important air compressor protection barrier! Its main role is to filter out impurities in the air! Compressor inhalation of dust impurities in the air to ensure that the inhalation of the air clean and improve the oil filter, oil separator and oil life, but also to prevent other impurities into the host, the air compressor with the main parts are very sophisticated, The entry of foreign body will inevitably damage the host. Efficient air filter, high efficiency filter grade, high efficiency air filter classification of high precision filter material for imports, life is usually 1500-2000 hours, but also according to the specific work environment. If you use the air filter will cause the poor quality of the lack of displacement. The actual unit compression ratio increases, the host load increases, life expectancy shortened. Affect the production, high efficiency air filter resistance is too large, the unit increased energy consumption, air filter damage leading to foreign body into the host, the host "lock" or even scrapped. Therefore, in the replacement of high efficiency air filter to choose a good quality products.
High-quality air filter quality depends on the following aspects:
1.High-efficiency air filter: If the filtration precision is not high, a little bit of dust impurities will be sucked into the air compressor, thus affecting the oil separator, oil, oil filter, bearing life.
2.High efficiency air filter air permeability: high efficiency air filter air permeability will not affect the air compressor suction, leading to inhale is not smooth easy to plug, this will increase the power consumption.
3.High efficiency air filter waterproof performance: the air contains a lot of moisture, especially rain, the air humidity is greater, if considering the poor water resistance, air filter is easy to damp, damp air filter will also make air compressor Gas is not smooth will cause serious plug power consumption increase, so that the cost of customers increased significantly.

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