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Our company has engaged in the filtration industry for ten years, and we have been constantly exploring in order to ensure air quality, we have thus developed a series of post-filter for the filtration precision accuracy to 100%.Now AYATER can supply hydraulic in-line filters,line filters,dry in-line filter,inline power filter, in-line fuel filter, inline oil filter ,in-line liquid filters ,inline hydraulic filter.

External precision filter is generally made of stainless steel, the internal use of activated carbon filters and other tubular filter as a filter element, its main performance is high precision, high strength, low cost and easy to clean, you can replace the filter. Many industrial machinery and equipment used in-line filter, filter for them to achieve the best effect, and improve the ability to operate machinery.

In addition, we also provide a variety of custom filters, as long as you provide such products part numbers, our company has standard parameters and drawings, you can provide comparable to the original cartridge.

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