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AYATER APLF in-line filter series





Oil & Gas

Fully achieved filtering accuracy 0 errors

Zero error Process Quality Control

After every product is at least 28 steps to ensure product consistency

Precision filtration, pressure filtration area have improved significantly

Multiple authentication ensure product quality & Patent



APLF series filter is used in return line, it can remove all the contaminants from the hydraulic system, and allow clean oil flow back to the tank.. the elelment of this series is made of glass fibre, it has effiency and filtration, large dirt capacity and lower initial pressure drop. There is a by-pass vavle and a contamination indicator. The indicator will act when pressure drop across filter element attains 0.35Mpa, the element should be changed at this time. If the syetemcan not be stopped or nobaby replaces the element, the by-pass vavle will open to protect the hydraulic syetem safty.

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