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AYATER AGU-H in-line filter series





Oil & Gas

Reduce environmental pollution

Provide professional ancillary oil filter cartridge

Best micron rating at high Δp

Each product at least 28 working procedure Ensure that the product consistency

Direct replacement Foreign brands domestic brands



AGU-H series filters are high pressure type and used in the pressure line of hydraulic system. Filter element is made of glass fibre. This new filter media has high efficiency and large dirt capacity. The absolute filtration is high.beta ratio over 100.

The differential pressure indicator signals when pressure drop across element reaches 0.35Mpa.As the pressure drop rises to 0.4Mpa,the by-pass value in this filter will open allowing oil fiowing directly.When the element being changed or cleaned,the oil of system can counter flow to prevent air and contaminater entering the system .The counter flow has not be filtered and is quarter of this filter flow rate.

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