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AYATER filters specializing in the production of stainless steel filter has a good filter performance, the filter size of 1-200um can play a

uniform surface filtration performance, the main filter using multi-layer stainless steel sintering network, filtration accuracy of 0.5-

200um, its shape Size can be customized according to user requirements, our factory has been engaged in the filtration industry for

more than 10 years of experience, from the beginning of the main oil filter products have been expanded to have air compressor

three filter oil filter and other filtration products, Over 10,000 customers and get the praise. The following describes the stainless steel

filter Electronic marketing.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is currently one of the most widely used network marketing tools, but also bring the best means of one,

through search engine optimization, can make the site's target keywords and important long tail word ranking search engine, To the

site to bring considerable benefits. Now the effect is lower than before, because a lot of competitors. In this case,

2. Information release

Information Web site is still a very important channel for Internet users to obtain information, the information released to the site can

bring a large enough exposure, as long as the release of stainless steel filter-related information coverage is large enough, the brand

is brought about by the benefits are very large , So the release of stainless steel filter information should be taken seriously.

3. Network membership marketing

Network membership system marketing is the biggest feature is to seize the user's curiosity, through the invitation to promote the membership system can bring high quality of the user. Membership marketing is generally applicable to community forums.

4, Personalized marketing

Personalized marketing is also a relatively new marketing tool, simply said that personalized marketing refers to the enterprise

according to different customer needs to develop different marketing and services. The advantage of personalized marketing is that it

can accurately marketing, greatly improving efficiency. QQ group marketing is a very classic way of marketing, but it is one of the

most effective way, usually such a marketing approach requires the user's identity is strong and durable. Through the QQ group

marketing, can bring a lot of traffic to the site, while its benefits lies in the real-time interaction with the site concerned about the user


5. Online advertising

Internet advertising is most popular in the most initial time of the Internet, and now is still the preferred means of marketing one of the

major sites, its advantage is that the target audience audience, can effectively enhance brand awareness.

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