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Spin-on Filter Element




Pulp & Paper


Domestic famous brands of motors, pumps, life-span,save the cost of our customers

Professional paint technology, durable not easy to rust

Best micron rating at high Δp

Incoming inspection in-process inspection finished goods inspection delivery inspection

Improve the service life of the filter by 70% to 80%



By choosing AYATER spin-on oil filters, you get first-class quality and problem-free handling. Spin-On filters are used as process and safety filters to protect individual pumps, valves.

AYATER Spin-on Filter Element Series(AYATER Oil Filter Element) is designed to directly replace existing engine oil filter elements. AYATER spin-on lube oil filter elements are a combination of engineered media designed to provide the best performance, efficiency and dirt handling capacity, with the lowest pressure loss through the system. AYATER Spin-on oil filter element(metal oil filter) are engineered and manufactured to meet all stringent quality requirements and OEM specifications for correct fit, long service life, and outstanding performance. Optional accessories may include: mounting heads, hose, fittings, and more. Hydraulic spin-on oil filters ideal for use on construction, agricultural, material handling equipment, and refuge equipment, oil recycling and reclamation, machine tools, forestry machinery. AYATER can supply replacement of ATLAS oil filter, SULLAIR oil filter and engine oil spin-on series (spin-on lube oil filter) of many other brands.Spin-on filter element、oil filter element、metal oil filter、engine oil spin-on series、spin-on lube oil filter is the other name of the spin-on-filter-element.

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