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In the AYATER element media, there are many materials, such as glass fiber filter, filter paper filter, stainless steel filter and so on.

Element media:

Glass fiber filter is the most common and one of the best performance of the filter, the glass fiber filter is widely used in hydraulic systems,belonging to the depth of filtration, the accuracy range is 1-3μm, less affected by changes in the work environment, small flow resistance , The smaller the impact of changes in the working environment, flow resistance of small glass fiber filter in the range of pressure over the provisions of the filter is still a very high ability of fine particles.Glass fiber filter thickness affects the accuracy and the ability to pass the oil filter element. The finer the fiber, the higher the porosity, the smaller the pressure difference.

Stainless steel filter, has a good filter performance, the filter size of 2-200um can be used,Stainless steel filter having a variety of different porosity, pore size and filtration precision, high temperature.Stainless steel filter can be applied to sulfur-containing gas filtration. High strength, good toughness. For high-pressure environment. Ease of handling. Hole shape stability, distribution, ensure the stability of the filtration performance. Good regeneration properties.

Most of the filter paper consists of cotton fibers, according to different uses and use different methods of production. As the filter paper is made of fiber products, so the filter paper on the surface of numerous small holes for liquid particles through, while the larger particles can not pass. This property allows the separation of the liquid and solid materials mixed together.

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