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Coalescing Filter Element




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Working life is close to 90% of imported brands

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AYATER Filters manufactures coalescing filter elements to separate liquid aerosols such as water and oil from air or gas streams. AYATER chooses the best coalescing filter media to ensure quality of coalescing filter elements, coalescence filtration, sub-micron solids remove filter, compressed air filtration and compressed natural fas filtration. The elements have a hydrophilic core to condense liquid aerosols into droplets that are large enough to be drained away via gravity. Coalescing filters are a dual function product: they also remove sub-micron solids.

Coalescing filter elements are also used to separate immiscible liquids such as water from fuels and oils with different densities. In this role, they can provide dry, particulate-free jet fuels, diesel fuel, turbine fuel, lube oil or insulating oil.

Coalescing filter elements are widely employed in compressed air filtration, mist elimination, refrigeration systems, air/oil separation, compressed natural gas filtration.

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