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AYATER-A portable filter cart





Oil Recycling and Reclamation

AYATER portable filter carts have been designed to be robust and reliable under the most arduous of conditions.

All components are easy to maintain and filter elements are readily accessible. Reliability of hydraulic and lubrication systems and the life of system components and fluids are Extended by minimizing fluid oxidation, maintaining lubricity properties and reducing aeration. Corrosion within the fluid system can also be controlled by reducing the formation of acids.


Solid particle pollution in oil is the main reason for the Hydraulic system failure.In order to meet hydraulic high Performance,high reliability and long-lived development, Our company has developed AYATER-A portable filter cart.The kind portable filter system are Made into good structure, easy using and maintainance, high dirt-holding capacity of fine filter and so on. Customers can choose the fine filter with suitable filtration accuracy class according to their filtering requirement.(1,3,5,10,20,30)

Our portable filter carts not only can be used as hydraulic system tanker to ensure the cleanliness of oil, but portable filter machine also used as by-pass circulation filtering equipment of the hydraulic system for regular cleanliness. The portable filter carts can be maintain the pollution of hydraulic system, keep the system work properly, and prolong the service life.


  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Turbine Oil
  • Lubrication Oil
  • Gear Oil (ISO VG 220 ISO VG 680)
  • Transformer Oil
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Phosphate Ester (Fyrquel EHC Fluid)
  • PAO Fluid
  • Water Glycol (Coolants)

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