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AYATER RE PALL Oil filter carts




Oil Recycling and Reclamation

Quality of imported filter elementPrice of domestic filter

Working life is close to 90% of imported brands

Excellent in quality and reasonable in price

Zero error Process Quality Control

Incoming inspection / Process inspection / Finished final inspection / factory sampling



PALL Oil Filter Carts Description:

The Pall HNP filter carts solves the problem and unlike centrifuges and coalescers, it removes both free and dissolved water and gases.

Water in hydraulic, lubrication, power transmission and insulating fluids adversely affects fluid performance and is a threat to system reliability. Dimensions: 690 mm x 450 mm x 1030 mm

PALL Oil Filters Carts Technical Data:

Dimensions (max): 725 x 1585 x 1820 mm (28.5" x 62.4" x 71.7")

Dry mass: 385 kg (849 lbs) approx

Inlet connections: 2" BSPP or 2" NPT

Outlet connections: 1½" BSPP or 1½" NPT

Flow rate: 71 L/min (21.8 USgpm)

Inlet pressure: 1.5 bar g

(150 kPag / 44 psig) maximum

System back pressure: 3.5 bar g

(350 kPag / 50.8 psig) maximum

Fluid operating

temperature: +10ºC to +70ºC (50°F to 158°F)

Fluid viscosity: 700 cSt (3300 SUS) maximum

Operating vacuum: -0.6 to -0.9 barg (adjustable)

(-60 kPag / -8.7 psi g to

-90 kPag / -13.1 psi g)

Power supply: 400 VAC – 50 Hz, 3 phase

Total Motor power: 6.4 kW

Materials of Construction

Base frame: Epoxy painted carbon steel

Vacuum vessel: 304 Stainless Steel

Fittings & fasteners: Corrosion protected carbon steel

Control box: Epoxy painted carbon steel

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