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AYATER-F Coalescence dehydrated filter carts





Oil Recycling and Reclamation

Provide professional ancillary oil filter cartridge

Professional paint technology, durable not easy to rust

All medias test are in compliance with SGS standards

Best micron rating at high Δp

The zero error of process quality control



Coalescence Dehydrated Filter Carts Application

turbine and transformer oil purification oil In addition to the hydraulic lubrication system, oil filter water and impurities access to the hydraulic lubrication system to improve the system overall cleanliness

Coalescence Dehydrated Filter Machine Product Description

Hydraulic lubrication system in the presence of water causes oil oxidation, oil deterioration, reducing the film thickness, lower lubricity, causing degeneration of polymerization to form oil molecules, so that changes in oil viscosity, the formation of organic acids, and thus corrosion metal surface, reduction or loss of oil dielectric strength. For the traditional filtration and separation equipment, from a liquid mixed with each other to separate another liquid is particularly difficult, the company developed the coalescence separate set of sophisticated filters and oil filter as one college dehydration, which can effectively remove impurities and particles in the oil emulsified water, free water, without compromising product quality element. Containing large amounts of water for the oil, the separation effect is particularly significant, the separation rate is a traditional speed several times to several times.

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