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Centrifugal oil filter, which is the use of its centrifugal high-speed rotation, so that the degree of pollution of different oil, oil, water, impurity by the role of different centrifugal force and rapid separation.

Centrifugal oil filter for power plants, ships, large machinery and equipment lubricants, heavy diesel oil and rapeseed oil, tea oil, peanut oil purification. For turbine power oil treatment, the bypass in the turbine main tank running on the oil can be filtered in time the water, impurities, to improve the operation of oil quality, slow down the aging rate of oil to ensure the safe operation of steam turbine will play an active role And the purity of the edible oil.


1, centrifugal rotation speed, oil, water, impurity separation effect.

2, with heating and temperature control device, an appropriate increase in oil temperature can reduce the viscosity of oil and oil between the binding force, help to improve the separation effect of oil and water.

3, small size, large processing flow, easy to use, can be mobile use.

4, the starting characteristics of soft, start, stop or high-speed rotation when the smooth and safe; inlet with solenoid valve, abnormal power cut off automatically when the oil supply.

5, with a low temperature setting and water seal protection device, the former to ensure that the oil temperature is below the set limit can not be purified, the latter due to some reason the water seal is destroyed automatically shut down the purification of oil, and send alarm signal , To prevent the oil from a large number of outlet.

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