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AYATER-E high solid content filter carts





Oil Recycling and Reclamation

Successfully used in metallurgy, petrochemical, power, mining, railways. Marine, aviation and other fields

For our customers to reduce energy consumption

Reduce environmental pollution

High-quality oil filter accessories

Domestic famous brands of motors, pumps, life-span,save the cost of our customers



High Solid Content Filter Carts Application:

The filtration for high-solid content lubricating oil

the clarification filtration for food oil

The filtration for oil reclaimer

High Solid Content Filter Carts Product Introduction:

High solid content filter carts is used under high-solid content conditions.

especially for the filtration of oil reclaimer and clarification filtration of food oil, the special materials with thick filter layers is one to fifteen times the depth of other normal materials.

The high solid content filter system can effectively filter out suspensions particles rust and so on in the liquid.

High solid content filter machine has excellent effectiveness of deep filtering and gradual changing structure :small inner and big outer aperture.

High solid content filter carts can bear high pressure with scientific design and compact structure. High pollutant holding capacity can be achieved by its special mesh structure.

The filter element has advantages of simplex structure,stable chemical performance and good compatibility with medium.

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