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Pleated Filters




Power Station


Working life is close to 90% of imported brands

Fully achieved filtering accuracy 0 errors

Corrosion within the fluid system can also be controlled by reducing the formation of acids

All medias test are in compliance with SGS standards The zero error of process quality control



AYATER pleated filter elements are designed to replace traditional filter bag/cage configurations in pulse cleaning dust collection systems. AYATER pleated air filters offer many performance enhancements including increasing the area of filter media by 2-3 times that over typical bag/cage systems. This results of AYATER pleated filter elements in improved performance for existing systems, and/or the ability to reduce the physical size in the design of new systems. AYATER pleated filters elements(pleated air filters) offer variable pleat configurations to suit your specific operating conditions in terms of dust loading, nature of product handled, air volume requirements, etc. In addition, AYATER replacement pleated filters can provide any technical advise you need in order to choose the proper configuration for your specific application.

AYATER pleated filter elements are available in a multitude of both top and bottom load configurations to fit most standard tubesheet and bag cup designs. In most cases, no collector modification is required.

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