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Dust Filter Cartridges




Power Station


Has imported brands can not match the fast delivery and technical services

Corrosion within the fluid system can also be controlled by reducing the formation of acids. Excellent in quality and reasonable in price

Zero error Process Quality Control

extended by minimizing fluid oxidation, maintaining lubricity properties and reducing aeration.



AYATER Dust Filter Cartridge-Filter Media

According to the application the best possible filter medium for the respective case is selected. The pleated filter media consist of polyester non wovens or needle felts. They can be equipped antistatic, oil and water repellent, with special coatings or membranes. They are certified in accordance with DIN EN 60335-2-69 appendix AA and are suitable for the filtration of health hazardous dusts.

AYATER Dust Filter Cartridge-Applications

Pneumatic conveying

Glass industry

Filling stations

Production of synthetic parts

Pharmaceutical industry

Besides our standard filter cartridges AYATER offer a wide variety of other filter cartridges. We would be happy to design customized filter elements fully in line with your requirements.

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