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Foreign R & D focus on alternative production for 15 years, China's only overseas

Reliability of hydraulic and lubrication systems and the life of system components and fluids are extended by minimizing fluid oxidation, maintaining lubricity properties and reducing aeration.

Excellent in quality and reasonable in price

Zero error Process Quality Control

All components are easy to maintain and filter elements are readily accessib



AYATER offers a complete line of superior quality replacement and custom air bag filters(dust collector filter bag/bag filter housing) designed to fit most manufacturers dust collector baghouses.

A premier resource, AYATER is proud to offer:

proven dust collector filter bags with an established record of performance

air bag filters that are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications

custom sizes and media options

a wide range of coatings and finishes

For accurate measurements for your replacement order simply pull out one of your currently installed filters to measure.

In addition to the most often asked for air bag filters, AYATER is proud to supply customer dust filter bags and replacement dust filter bag for your specific application. Were here for you! Simply call us with your requirements and well be glad to suggest the best product for your needs.

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