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Custom Filter

Custom Filter

Custom filter vs Customized: What's the Difference?
Unlike most filter element manufacturers, AYATER is happy to make "specials" for its customers. You can decide between a "full custom" design or a "customized" standard element. We can make custom filters according to your requirement, such as custom oil filters, custom air filter, custom hydraulic filter, custom filter cart, custom dust filter, custom panel filter and so on.

Customize a Catalogued Off-the-Shelf Element to Meet Your Specific Needs
Hardware Instead of CRS, tinplate or aluminum, we can make your metal component fro m 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Media Choose between cellulose, micro fiberglass, wire mesh, fiber felt or wedge wire. Or add a special static discharge or water removal layer to your media.

Seal Choose between Buna, Viton, EPR or Teflon

Length We'll meet any housing length requirement.

Marking Choose between laser engraving, dot peening or inkjet marking. Our laser equipmen t can accurately reproduce logos, QR codes and phone numbers in addition to part numbers.

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