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Oil Recycling and Reclamation

The entire world is dependent on developing Oil Recycling and Reclamation technology further: 1)To protect our health 2)To substitute raw materials 3)To recycle resources 4)To efficient and cost-effective waste disposal

First of all,use filter and filtration equipment can be effectively recovered raw oil from waste water, reducing the waste of raw oil ; secondly, Combined use of high-rate anaerobic reactor system anaerobic treatment of waste water, produce clean energy - Biogas, effectively treating wastewater and then achieving energy recycling, reduce operating costs; and the whole process simple operation, It can achieve automatic control, reducing the number of operators, worthy of promotion and learning.

The entire production process of the filter in the surrounding environment, ecology and air pollution, no noise and no pollution emissions, its recovery and regeneration of waste of resources the rational use and saving energy.


Return Filters

AYATER SUPPLY:Return filters, Hydraulic return filter, Pressure return filter, Return oil filter, Steel return filter,Return Line Filters

Filter Carts

A range of filter system standard models satisfies the most common filtration requirements for lubrication systems, fuel transfer.

Custom Filter

You can decide between a \"full custom\" design or a \"customized\" standard element.

OEM Filter Elements 

AYATER-OEM manufacturer for air and oil.

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