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AYATER components, systems and services are widely distributed across the different areas of application involved in the production of motor vehicles. With our wide range of products and services and with our competency in development, production, sales and service, we welcome the challenges in the automotive industry and are, among other things, partners for solutions for the following tasks:
1)Reduction of 0 km failures through technical cleanliness
2)Lowering of warranty claims
3)Performance of process chain analyses
4)Optimization of production processes
5)Standardization of components and systems
6)Consultation, engineering and training
7)World-wide service, repair, maintenance and replacement parts supply,
measurement, control, regulation of process media such as water, oil, cooling lubricants ..

The lubricating oil of the internal combustion engine has a number of important roles.First, it reduces friction bearings, and lubrication gap between the moving parts,reduce the wear of metal parts,At the same time take away the heat and prevent corrosion,To deliver more power

However, the oil concentrated in a variety of impurities, if the oil is not adequately filtered or timely replacement of particles, that can cause wear of mechanical parts will enter the gap between the shaft and tile, leading oil and fuel consumption and wear and reduce engine life. Therefore, clean the oil on the normal operation of hydraulic and lubrication systems plays a vital role.


In-line Filters

AYATER SUPPLY:Hydraulic in-line filters,Line Filters,Dry In-Line Filter,In-Line Power Filter, Inline Fuel Filter, Inline Oil Filter ,In-Line Liquid Filters ,Inline hydraulic filter

Filter Element

Ayater manufactures replacement elements designed to provide better filtration.

Compressor Filters

Thanks to its experience in the hydraulic sector, AYATER had developed a range of compressor filters.

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