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Extending the service life of lubricants, coolants, hydraulic oil, and refrigerant oil can eliminate millions of gallons from the waste stream and extend equipment life. AYATER brand filters remove moisture and damaging particles down to a single micron in size. This extra protection helps extend the life of lubricants, engines and equipment while reducing maintenance costs. AYATER brand filters have a nominal rating of one micron. Oil should be filtered each time it is transferred from one vessel to another because additional contamination is inevitably introduced whenever oil is handled.

The function of AYATER oil filter is to filter out metal particles, impurities, etc. in the compressor lubricant oil, making the oil entering the host clean, then protect the host safe operation, finally to extend the life of air compressor. Oil filters manufactured from AYATER use glass fiber from HV company, USA., rating up to 10 micron, with 99.99% efficiency. Each batch of goods is under strict performance testing, to ensure that every filter can work normally under the maximum rated pressure long-term.

AYATER compressor oil filters can replacement air compressor oil filters of other brands, such as re atlas oil filter, re sullair oil filters, re kaeser oil filter and so on.

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