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AYATER Air-oil separators are built to meet or exceed the OEM compressor oil separators specifications of the major compressor manufacturers and are guaranteed to replace the costly OEM separators. AYATER compressor oil separator elements(air-oil separators) are made with the highest quality filter media and steel to ensure your compressor runs as efficiently as possible. The air oil separation technology in our separators allows your compressor to separate your compressed air from the compressed oil vapor preventing costly oil carryover. When your differential pressure gauge indicates it is time to change your separator in your compressor, call AYATER to get the highest quality, less costly separator replacement for your brand.

Compressor oil separators play the role of separating the oil from compressed air, making sure the compressed air cleaner. After oil is separated, through oil return line in order that the oil can be cycle used in compressor. AYATER uses anti-corrosion material, fine welding process and the latest double-sided adhesive to ensure that our product has a very high mechanical strength, meanwhile make air-oil separators can work at 120 degrees temperature (Celsius). About the material, separator skeleton and flange plate adopt 316L stainless steel, AYATER air-oil separators filter layer adopts four layer paper, filter rating reached 0.1 micron, the oil content less than 3PPm, service life up to several thousand hours.

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