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Foreign R & D focus on alternative production for 15 years, China's only overseas

Direct replacement Foreign brands domestic brands

Quality of imported filter elementPrice of domestic filter

Working life is close to 90% of imported brands

Fully achieved filtering accuracy 0 errors



Compressed air purification equipment is vital for the removal of system contamination, therefore when purchasing this type of equipment, air quality, energy efficiency & lifetime costs must always be considered. Ayater specializes in purification and separation technologies where compressed air and gas purity, product quality, technological excellence and global support are paramount. It designs and manufactures compressed air treatment products, gas generators and ancillary equipment for many key industries where ease of integration, low cost of ownership and energy savings can make a real difference.

Air filter manufactured by AYATER adopts imported wood pulp filter paper from Korean Ahlstrom, using special auto equipment to fold and shaping form. The management of producing and strict tests ensure the quality of air filter, which can absorb tiny dust into filter paper. More deep the fold is, the longer working life the filter is. With high efficiency, large filtration area, low resistance, and heavy dust-holding capacity, our air filter can be used in ambient temperature, common temperature, little of acid, alkali and organic solvents in air filtration.

AYATER can supply replacement air filters and compressed air treatment products.

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