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Brand Ranking is a portal for brand selection services. Covering a comprehensive industry, list updates faster. First of all, the ranking 

is elected by the public vote, on behalf of the brand in the market recognition. Second, the site's function is more clear, for the public 

selected the industry's top ten brands. Is to allow consumers to trust the site, virtually the quality of our brand ayater certification 

certification more confidence.

Ayater has the honor to participate in the 2017 annual Chinese filter ten brands of selection activities. We participate in voting, on the 

one hand is to understand the old customers of our brand evaluation, on the other hand, but also understand the appeal of the site to 

attract more users understand our Ayater filter brand, improve brand awareness. After the selection, the brand ranking network in the 

major sites announced the results of the selection, so many dealers and consumers know and understand our Ayater filter brand, this 

is just the beginning, the future we continue to pass through, for consumers A more perfect quality of service, do not live up to the 

vast number of consumers love.

Ayater filter under the leadership of the manager, we have excellent team, a good faith partner, have information to participate in the 

2017 annual top ten brand selection activities. We walked all the way, together to participate in Ayater filter brand promotion, the 

brand is constantly expanding behind the silent support of Ayater partners inseparable from the effort to grow, thanks for Ayater to 

pay every partner.

Ayater filter will continue to uphold the "life - Thanksgiving, respect, responsibility inclusive, work - passion" values, make the best 

efforts to serve every customer. I believe that through the joint efforts of everyone will have more customers and Ayater hand in hand, 

win-win cooperation!

There is a force that lets us move forward. There is a brilliant. Have a power to accomplish our dreams. Believe that the power of the 

brand - Ayater filter.

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